Attorney General targeting ‘patent trolls’

RICHMOND – Matthew Osenga, an attorney who specializes in intellectual property and patent prosecution, said that in all his years of practicing law, he has had only one case in which somebody came to him fearing a lawsuit about a fraudulent patent claim. What happened? “We chose to not do anything, and nothing came of … Read more

Turkey: A Comparison Of Trademark Laws In European Union And Turkey On Protection Against Dilution Of Trademarks

INTRODUCTION The main function of a trademark is showing the commercial origin of the product; however with the expansion of the transportation, communication and high amount of investments in trademark images in global dimension, this aim becomes inadequate for the new coming functions. Anti-dilution protection aims to protect the marketing power of the trademark which … Read more

Trademark Lawsuit to Continue

This Tuesday, a California federal court in Los Angeles refused to dismiss DC Comics Inc.’s (“DC”) trademark lawsuit against Mad Engine, Inc. (“Mad Engine”) in connection with the business’ humorous take on DC’s iconic Superman shield logo. Can a business use someone else’s design or logo in jest? DC’s Trademark Lawsuit Mad Engine is a … Read more

American Standard opens industrial design center at its research center

In the past year, American Standard has tripled the size of its design department. With an eye toward fueling inspiration and supporting its commitment as an innovative design leader in the industry, American Standard Brands announced the opening of a new industrial design studio at its Piscataway, N.J. research facility. This state-of-the-art studio will further … Read more