Chinese Court Rules Volfoni’s Triple-Beam Utility Model Patent Valid

Volfoni, the inventor of the compact triple-beam technology, has had its utility model patent validated by the Patent Re-examination Board, State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.

A challenge had been filed against Volfoni’s utility model patent in China (No.201320848220.0) which protects Volfoni’s award winning compact triple-beam technology. The petitioner attempted to invalidate Volfoni’s Utility Model Patent by questioning its novelty through citations from other Korean and US inventions. However, in its judgment the Beijing based court ruled that every single point raised by the petitioner was to be rejected.

“We see the court’s ruling as confirmation of Volfoni’s inventiveness and we are now even prouder to carry our ‘creative 3D technology’ base line”, says Thierry Henkinet, CEO and co-founder of Volfoni, and he continues, “Customers can be assured that Volfoni’s inventions are genuinely original and based on novel innovative technological ideas, different from other historic approaches to Hi-LEF 3D projection”.

This ruling reinforces Volfoni’s IP position in China where it is already pursuing Timewaying Technology Co., over infringement of its patents. Volfoni is also preparing to file a petition against other copycat manufacturers in China for infringement of its triple-beam technology.

On a global level, this ruling strengthens Volfoni’s patent family relating to the compact triple-beam invention patent no. FR3000232. Starting with splitting the projection light into three beams rather than two, Volfoni’s original technological chain eliminated the use of optical elements such as photo-lenses or compensation-glass to adjust for the different lengths in the light path. This technology has further been developed in order to function without the necessity of utilizing polarization rotators that are key components for the correct functioning of other third-party systems. With this technology, Volfoni’s SmartCrystal™ Diamond achieves more light efficiency by using fewer components. This is a clear measure of innovation. The result is a Hi-LEF 3D system weighing only 7kg which can be compared to other third-party solutions weighing more than 20kg !

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